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5 reviews for Buy Counterfeit Pakistani Rupees

  1. George Mikel

    I recommend this site to any anyone who is willing to do business they are real and their notes qualities are really good looks the same with the original notes

  2. Ali Musase

    your notes are really good i like the quality and i will be putting my next order this week also i have recommend my friend to you so he will also put in he order..thanks for very much

  3. unique


  4. vicky wills

    This guys are reliable and do deliver i never believe i will receive my package after sending money but to my greatest surprise i got the package as promise and their quality are top grade.. thanks again

  5. Jim Samuel

    i really like their 1000 and 200 notes but the 500 dose not looks real, but i have used their notes in my local bank here in Pakistan with any problem

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